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Tongue Tie & Lip Ties Gallatin

Understanding Tongue and Lip Ties in Gallatin, White House, Hendersonville, Cottontown, Shackle Island, Lebanon, and Nearby Tennessee Communities

What Are Tongue Ties & Lip Ties?

Some children are born with tongue, lip, or cheek ties (frenum) that are too thick or stiff, causing difficulties with speech, breastfeeding, weight gain, and even dental decay.

If left untreated during childhood, these issues can persist into adulthood, leading to headaches, neck and shoulder pain, sleep problems, and ongoing speech issues.

If you notice any symptoms of a tongue or lip tie in your child, please contact our office in Gallatin as soon as possible.

How We Perform Frenectomies

A frenectomy is a simple and quick procedure to release the frenum, allowing for better range of motion and paving the way for your child's healthier future.

In the past, most frenectomies were performed by a doctor using a scalpel under general anesthesia and left children with stitches. Infants were often denied this procedure due to the risks of babies undergoing anesthesia.

Today, modern laser technology has revolutionized this process. Dr. Kim uses a state-of-the-art LightScalpel CO2 laser, allowing us to perform frenectomies right in our office, typically without the need for anesthesia. This advanced laser makes the procedure quick, usually taking just a few minutes, and it generally doesn’t require stitches. Most importantly, it results in little to no bleeding or swelling, ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience for your child.

Why Should My Infant Undergo a Frenectomy?

Infants with Tongue and Lip-Ties

According to the National Institutes of Health, between four and ten percent of infants are born with a tongue-tie. Breastfeeding is crucial to a child’s development, and difficulties in latching on to the breast might indicate tongue, lip, or cheek ties.

Frenectomies can significantly improve latch and nursing, enhancing the bonding experience between mother and child. This quick procedure not only alleviates feeding issues in infants but also helps older children with speech and sleep problems.

For more information, visit our FAQ page.

  • Have difficulty nursing or taking a bottle
  • Drip milk out of their mouth when eating
  • Have trouble gaining weight
  • Click their tongue or smack their lips when eating
  • Have reflux or symptoms of colic
  • Be continually fussy, often due to gas

Older Children with Tongue and Lip-Ties

Older children with tongue and lip-ties may experience a range of issues, including trouble sleeping, a strong gag reflex, delayed speech, and difficulty being understood. They might speak softer than average, choke when eating or drinking, be picky eaters, or eat slowly. Additionally, they may sleep with their mouth open, snore, or grind their teeth.

Addressing these concerns through a frenectomy can lead to significant improvements in sleep quality and overall well-being.

  • Have trouble sleeping
  • Experience a strong gag reflex
  • Have delayed speech
  • Speak softer than average or have difficulty being understood
  • Choke when eating or drinking
  • Be a picky eater or eat their food slowly
  • Sleep with their mouth open, snore or grind their teeth

Experience Almost Instant Benefits

Thanks to this quick and simple treatment, your child or infant can resume their daily routine right away. Many older children return straight to the playground after their procedure, showing no signs of discomfort. For breastfed infants, the benefits are immediate as well—breast milk contains many healing properties, and nursing right after the procedure can soothe and comfort them. Our experience shows that older children who may be picky eaters or have difficulty gaining weight often experience improved appetites, making mealtimes less stressful and more enjoyable for the whole family.

Some smaller children introduce new words to their vocabulary on the day of their procedure, showcasing the rapid improvement in their oral abilities. This newfound clarity in speech not only aids in communication but also boosts their confidence, allowing them to express themselves more freely. Older children often find that speaking becomes easier and more natural, which can significantly enhance their social interactions and academic performance. The immediate relief from restrictions enables them to engage more actively in conversations and classroom activities.

Enhanced Sleep and Daily Behavior

After the procedure, you’ll likely see your child sleep more soundly through the night, which can make a world of difference in their daily behavior. Relieving the discomfort caused by tongue or lip ties means better rest, so crucial for their growth and development. Well-rested children tend to be happier, more focused, and full of energy. They concentrate better, engage more in learning, and play with more enthusiasm. Plus, you might notice fewer mood swings and behavioral issues, making your daily routines much smoother.

A simple frenectomy can truly enhance your child’s quality of life. By addressing tongue and lip ties, we can help them sleep better, behave better, and enjoy a more balanced, energetic day. We’re here to support you and ensure your child thrives in every aspect of their life.